Do not do this to your logo

20th Sep

There are some standard rules that apply to using logos.

The following uses and changes to your logo can not only look just bad – but they can give an unprofessional and lazy feel to customers – as well as a lack of brand consistency to customers. Avoid doing any of the following to your logo:

  • Stretch or bend the logo. If you need it to fit in a certain size, you may need your logo to be more responsive (see our previous blog post on responsive logos)
  • Put it on top of a similar colour. You want your logo to be readable and having a high contrast between your logo and any image/colour behind is key. You want a logo that will work in a colour format, without a white background and also in one colour (e.g. white)
  • Put other design elements too close. This can confuse the logo and get it mixed with other design parts.
  • Make it too big. Every design needs some space to make it readable and easily understandable – often the most important thing in a design is not going to be your logo.
  • Make a complicated logo too small. If you have text in your logo or intricate design elements, making it too small will make it unreadable. It’s best to have a responsive version of your logo for using in really small spaces (such as your website tab).


If you need some help with using your logo, designing some artwork or even developing a new logo – let our experience help you and get in touch.