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Email Marketing - Northern Ireland

Design Templates & Automated Campaigns

From stand-alone email marketing software, bespoke email templates, advice on segmenting your customers to integrated and automated solutions harnessing the power of email marketing.

Retaining Customers

It’s generally accepted that keeping existing customers is easier than finding new ones. However, businesses often have a large number of clients, making it difficult to stay in touch with everyone. That’s why email marketing is such an excellent tool for communicating with your customers and retaining them in the longer term.

Bespoke Templates

We can design bespoke email templates, that have been tested in all major email clients. Many of our existing email clients are currently redesigning their email templates, to incorporate responsive features, ensuring that they look good on smart phones, tablets and computer screens.

Automation vs Standalone

Many of our clients use our stand alone email marketing software, which allows them to send out customisable bulk emails whenever they want. Alternatively, some clients prefer automated solutions, which send out emails at regular intervals, using content they have posted in the blog or events sections of their websites. Both systems follow best practice and legal requirements, allow users to collect new subscribers, and allow existing subscribers to stop receiving emails if they wish.

Customer Targeting

It is important to offer targeted information, containing offers and advice that are relevant to your customers. Redback Creations can provide tools which will help you segment your customer database, so that you can see who is interested in what products. In turn this will allow you to tailor your content, to suit your clients needs.

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