Is your logo responsive?

10th Sep

You have probably heard about responsive websites - but is your logo responsive too?

Getting the applications of logos is one of the most important factors in designing a logo. Would your logo work:

  • As a 3D sign? A logo needs to be simple enough and without too much detail to be able to be printed in 3D.
  • On the menu of a mobile website? A logo needs to be recognisable and readable even in a very small size.
  • In one colour? A logo needs to be flexible enough that it can overlay an image or be printed in black in white and still be easily read.

As a device gets smaller (think desktop to a Smartwatch), a logo should become simpler and more streamlined for the smaller space. Words and/or elements can be removed from the full logo to make this happen.

The Disney logo is a great example of this:


Is your logo in need of a refresh? Does your logo need to be more flexible? Get in touch with us today to discuss our logo design experience.