Why you should STILL have a blog

14th Jun

Are blogs out of fashion? Do customers even read them? Here’s 3 big reasons why a blog is still key to a great website

You may think that blogs on websites are a thing of the past. But they are still just as important to a well functioning site today as ever. One misconception is what a blog is – it doesn’t have to be blog in the traditional fashion, but can function as way to post latest news, business and service updates, new product launches, examples of previous work, current case studies and much more. Here are 3 reasons why having a blog is still so important today:

1. Improves your SEO

This is maybe the most obvious answer, but it still stays true. A blog section on your site helps to reach specific audiences better than what your homepage can. It enables you to be more specific with the customer you want to reach, for example it can focus on a particular service or products, or a specific geographical location.

2. Saves times

Instead of constantly repeating your customer support on the questions that arise again and again, you can write blog posts to answer those frequently asked questions. The customer gets a quick response, you are proven to have authority on the subject matter at hand, and it saves you time in customer queries.

3. Increases Engagement

Posts make great example fo what you can share on social media, and can keep your customers up to date and informed on your latest changes. It gives customers confidence in your business and a way to keep your customers involved with your brand.
At Redback Creations, we strongly recommend blogs for all sites we create with our clients. If you need some help getting started or how to best utilise your posts, get in touch today.