What to do with a High Risk order in Shopify

1st Dec

A Shopify order can be marked as high risk when Shopify believes that an order might be fradulent.

If you are unsure whether an order may indeed be fraudulent, take some of the following steps before fulfilling a high-risk order:

  1. Look at the order’s fraud analysis – from the order page, the indicators under the risk rating will show you the main issues that Shopify believes could make this order fraudulent
  2. Verify the IP address with the order – an IP address can help you learn where the user was geographically when they order was placed. You can use this lookup tool to help find the location of an IP address: https://bit.ly/3wUH74S. Compare this to the order details.
  3. Call the number on the order – double check they can confirm the details used on the order

For more information and steps to take to check if an order might be fradulent, watch the short video from Shopify Help Centre below:

If you are still concerned about an order, get in touch with us and we’ll happily look through the order details with you.