The importance of good images for your website

12th May

Good images aren’t just there to make your site look prettier, but they can help with SEO, increasing engagement and increasing visibility.

With modern site design, larger full width images and graphical elements are more and more common. They help you to enhance your brand and give your website visual interest. Small pixelated images just won’t do anymore – especially when creating mobile responsive sites – images need to be big enough to be adaptable and scaleable.

But images on your site don’t just look nice, they can give you many other benefits too

1. Help with SEO

While google search can’t ‘see’ images, the metadata included with an image can help boost rankings and get you found via google images. SEO experts have found that, if visitors are given photos to look at, they will remain on a website for a longer period of time. Adding good quality photos improves both your users experience and your ranking by decreasing bounce rate.

2. Drive Sales

High-quality images help you to build trust in your business and will build credibility and recognition for your brand. Even more so with product images, customer want to see what they’ll be getting – so consider all angles, uses, and even think about experimenting with videos and 360 images.

3. Increase Visibility

Simply put, the better image, the more likely it will be shared via social media. Audiences won’t want to share an image that is pixelated and poorly framed, but one that reflects your brand identity well.

At Redback Creations we can advise you on how to make the most out of photography for your site. We can also recommend some local photographers we have close relationships with, and can help you find stock images to supplement your own imagery.