Our Do’s and Don’ts of using Stock Photography on your website

20th Mar

Using stock photos on your website can make it look unauthentic, fake and over-cheesy. However, there is an important place for stock imagery on your site.

Avoiding ‘classic’ stock images to always important to do – it makes your site look cheap and less trustworthy. But there are many times that finding stock photography is perfect for your site.

Here’s our quick do’s and don’t with stock photography:


Find images that match your brand well, and other images well. Avoid over contrasted images or ones that are obviously not taken near your location (e.g. too American).


Use only stock images. Use them in conjunction with your own unique photos to your business go that they blend in well.


Have a look at free resources for stock images. The following are sites we often consider:


Use them instead of your own images. If you have your own that are of high quality, always use them over stock. They provide authenticity and trust in your brand. If you’re looking for images for the long term, consider hiring a photographer to get some high-quality and authentic images of your business.

We have a selection of photographers we often work closely with that we can recommend.


If you’re unsure about what images to use for your site, we are on hand to offer advice and edit images to match your needs.