How to use testimonials to improve your website

12th Feb

Testimonials and Reviews are a well known way of proving service quality and showcasing trust and reliability of your business. But how can you best utilise your reviews?

Testimonials not only help customers overcome objections/lingering questions they may have, but they also provide customers with ‘social proof’ – recognition that you have be and can be trusted. Word of mouth is still the number one marketing tool available. So how do you best use testimonials on your site?
While a separate page on testimonials isn’t a bad idea, it’s not going to get much traffic. Testimonials are best used alongside your other content to back up the services/products you have to offer. Short snippets provide encouragement to continue down the purchase journey – so consider using them on case studies, at descriptions of your service, and near your ‘book now’ buttons.
For advice on how to collect and best use testimonials, get in touch with us to find out how we can best help your business