How important is Social Media?

1st Aug

Social media is one of the fastest-growing and most influential marketing tools of the last decade. Since its launch in 2004 Facebook has exceeded 1 Billion users, meaning that if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world, falling only slightly short of China in population. Twitter, although slightly less popular with around 200 million users, also has the ability to reach a large amount of potential customers and brings you straight to your clients.

Through social media you are given a direct line of contact with your clients; those who care about what you have to offer can find out exactly what’s happening with your business and when the best offers and deals are on. It’s free advertising that you really can’t miss out on!

To emphasise the importance of getting involved with social media here are some facts and figures about social media’s usage PER DAY: (please note that these statistics were correct on the date this post was written but are subject to change over time.)

  1. 3.2 Billion Interactions on Facebook
  2. Over 1/2 Billion Tweet posted on Twitter
  3. 300 Million Photos posted on Facebook
  4. 5 Million images uploaded to Instagram
  5. 23% of users check Facebook more than 5 times
  6. Google’s +1 button (similar to Facebook’s ‘like’) is used over 5 million times
  7. Google + gains 625,000 new users every day

If those figures weren’t enough to get you thinking about how much people use social media daily then here’s a few more facts about social media in general:

  1. 80% of Facebook users prefer to connect with brands they like on Facebook
  2. Over 1 Million website have integrated with Facebook (have links from their website to a profile of their business)
  3. 32% of all Internet users are using Twitter
  4. 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter

To summarise

There really is no reason not to get your business involved with social media. These platforms are easy to use, free and also provide you with a direct path to your clients.

If you would like to discuss social media more with one of the Redback Creations team, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get you started and even manage the whole thing for you!