How important is maintenance on my site?

15th Nov

When a site is developed, is there much that needs to be done to look after it? Here’s 3 top reasons why keeping your site up to date and well monitored is vital.

Once a site is developed and live – is there really that much more than needs to be done with it? Below are our top reasons why it’s important to provide regular maintenance on your site – for you benefit as well as your customers.

1. Security

If nothing else, keeping a close eye on your site is important to keep the site safe and secure. The large majority of sites include multiple plug-ins which need to be regularly updated and monitored for bug fixes and performance enhancements. Hackers are often looking for vulnerabilities which they can exploit to take control of web sites. Despite the best endeavours of plugin authors, bugs can occasionally make into the Production code. It is these that hackers try to exploit.

2. Performance & Functionality

As technology evolves and new features are available, the plugins on your site are constantly being developed and updated by their authors to help you keep your site at peak performance. And as the community of users provide feedback and information to the plugin authors, additionally functionalities are added that can greatly benefit your site.

3. Reaching & Retaining Customers

An old, static and un-updated website will put many customers off – thinking you’ve got nothing new to show, or not even trading anymore. Adding to a blog, changing up the homepage or even changing around some photos can keep your site looking fresh and your site visitors interested.

At Redback Creations, within every contract we set up with a client, we discuss support hours to cover this ongoing work. As well as essential security updates to your site, our support hours are used for design changes, developments and content updates to your site.