Earning the trust of your site visitors

10th Oct

The look and feel of your site can either give the confidence for your visitors to become customers or to leave and go to a competitor. So how can you increase their trust rather than lose it?

It can be more difficult to build trust online without on opportunity to speak directly to a customer. We’ve gathered our 3 top tips on how to gain trust from your site visitors and help them to build enough confidence to turn their interest into a successful call to action.

Your site needs to be:

1. Authentic

The authenticity of your site is key to gaining trust from your customers – both in technical terms, and in relation to the content you provide. One simple way to gain a base level of trust it to have a SSL certificate on your site – this is the padlock icon that appears on the left of your URL bar in your browser:
But you can also increase the authenticity of your site by the content – by using your own images where possible, and clear well written copy helps to induce confidence into your site visitors.

2. Consistent

Consistency is so important to build trust. Just like in any relationship, if you don’t know what to expect, or something seems out of place, you’re going to start asking questions and doubting their reliability. If your branding, your message and your tone of voice is consistent through the whole site, that will help you to build confidence in your visitors.

3. Easy to use

Removing any confusion, irrelevant or unhelpful information, and keeping your site clean, clear and easy to navigate is going to bring heaps more trust. If the customer is shown clearly where to go, and what to do, they are going to be much more confident in the reliability of your products and services. If they are getting lost, or getting confused, they are not likely to pursue their interest any further.

At Redback we bear all these factors in mind when building sites, and can help you to work out the best ways to structure and design your site to build trust from its visitors. Get in touch to see how we can help your business today.