How to decide on a logo that works best for you

8th Nov

Whether you're evaluating your current logo or designing a new logo, there are some important factors to take into consideration.

Part of our design process here at Redback is making sure you get a logo design that not only works well in all circumstances but is also one that will work best for your specific business. That means a logo that will suit you and your brand. In the design process, we provide various options for logo design directions , and we help you to consider the following when deciding on which is best for your brand:

  1. Will it make you stand out? There’s no point in having a logo that looks just the same as your competitors.
  2. Does it represent you accurately as a company?
  3. Will it work even at small sizes, in black and white or in tricky situations (like embroidered onto a T-shirt)?
  4. Does it give the right impression to your customers?
  5. Lastly, remember that a logo is more than just looking pretty. If you think about some of the most famous logos of all time (McDonald’s, Google, IBM, VW, etc.) you’ll see that they aren’t particularly beautiful, but they are memorable, simple and have helped to create huge influential companies.

If you’re looking to develop a logo that represents your brand better – get in touch to see how we can help you.