Boost your sales with Google Shopping

2nd Oct

Using Google Shopping can help increase your sales for price-competitive products.

Google Shopping is a fantastic way to drive direct sales on your products. You have a lot of flexiblity on budgets, and when using Shopify, Google Shopping directly integrates.

Is Google Shopping a good option for my business?

You’re most likely to see the best results if:

  • Your products are the best price online for the exact same product. As the prices are directly compared with competitors, if you’re the cheapest, you’re going to get the vast majority of customers. If you are more expensive than competitors, you won’t make many direct sales through Google Shopping.
  • You’re selling products that will be found by customers. For example, if it’s a known brand or a sought after item. If your product is unique in the market, you’re also not likely to make many sales via Google Shopping.

If you are looking to boost your e-commerce sales online, get in contact with us and we can help chat through your options.