Why is my new site not showing up on Google yet?

15th Feb

Just published a new website but it's not showing up on Google yet? Here's why.

There are a few reasons why your new site might not be showing up on Google well – but the first and most likely one is that it takes some time for Google to find your site and crawl its pages. It takes time for Google to discover new websites and web pages.

There are a few actions we will take to speed up that process as much as possible:

  • Add redirection from your previous site’s pages to transfer the SEO work from your old site
  • Make sure the SSL certificate is created for your site – to show that Google your site is secure

At Redback, we will also check back in on how your SEO is working a month down the line to check that you are beginning to appear for the terms you want to be found for, as well as suggest updates and tweaks improve your SEO from that point onwards.

But if you have a brand new site and it’s not ranking yet – don’t worry! It will take some time.

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