Why good design matters on your website

28th May

Does the look of your website make a big impact on how effective it is? Read our quick guide on why bad design can stunt your business.

A pretty looking website won’t perform well if practically it’s not designed well to generate leads and sell products. However, a good-looking website is perhaps more important than your think. Check out 3 quick reasons below why good design matters:

Good design sells

In a statistical report called “The Value of Design”(1) researchers found that:
“Design can directly and significantly improve sales, profits, turnover and growth. Using and valuing design brings bottom-line benefits and those who understand and act on this insight have a competitive edge over the rest.”
This is because we are more likely to buy what we like the look of – simply put if you’re looking for a professional business but their site feels amateur and cheap, you’re not going to be interested in finding out more.

Good design impacts first impressions

Your website can often be the first impression of your business to a potential customer, and it affects customer trust and reliability as it plays the role of being the face of your company.
75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design (Stanford Web Credibility Research)
First impressions are 94% design-related (Sillence)(2)

Good design makes your stand-out

Not only does good design help you differentiate from your competitors, but it can also help elevate your offering above others. Especially if you’re in a price-competitive industry, design can be a factor to help customers choose you over your rivals.

Good design does more than look good

The best design is not all about looking nice, but is utilised to encourage customers to make certain calls to action – whether that’s to get in contact, request a service or purchase a product. That involves using colours, layout and structure to adapt the user journey on your site to the results you want to get.

At Redback, we pride ourselves on websites with good design – both in form and in function. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business stand-out.




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