What’s a H1 Tag and why do I need it?

29th Jul

A H1 tag is one of the most important things you need on a webpage to get found on Google.

What Is an H1?

Put simply, the H1 is a heading on your webpage that indicates to search engines what your page is about. H1’s have always been a massive factor in how your website is ranked on search engines. It’s you telling a search engine what a user will expect to find on your page.

What should my H1 tag be?

You want to focus your H1 on keywords you expect a customer to be searching for to find your page. Most experts say h1s should be between 20 and 70 characters.

For example, you might have an accommodation website. You’ll want to focus on targeting what a user would expect to search to find your page. So rather than having your H1 tag as “Our Accommodation”, you’ll want to include more keywords that someone will be searching for – perhaps something like “Portrush Self-Catering Accommodation”.

Ranking highly on Google

When you work with us, we will work with you on identifying the best keywords for your site and implement them to make the most of getting your site to result highly in google without having to pay for boosted rankings.

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