How to make your website more interactive

15th Jun

Creating an interactive website can make the content more engaging to the users. There are a few different ways on how to make your website interactive.

With all these options an important caveat of little and minimal is always the better way to go – not only can too many ‘interactive’ features can slow down your website, but it can actually distract from the content and when used too often can feel unprofessional.

Hover over images

Hover over animations on images make the image change when the user hovers over them. This could show different views of one product. Or it may have an overlay which shows text, or the image darkens when the user hovers over it. Additionally, it could be done as an image enlarges when hovered over.

Animated backgrounds

Sometimes some simple movement in a background can help your website to stand out and feel more interactive. This could be done with an image that moves in the background like a relaxing pattern. This should only be subtle and slow in order to not cause any issues of clarity on viewing your content. 

Content animations

This is when the content appears gradually on screen as the user scrolls. This can help draw visual interest and enhance the users experience when browsing your website.


A carousel is a slideshow of images. It usually has arrow buttons at the side for the user to look at the images, or it may be on a timer where after a few seconds, the next image appears.

Interactive map

This would be on the contact page of your website. A link to Google Maps would be embedded into the code of your website and the users would be able to move around the map to find your address (but this should be set beforehand). 

Contact form

A contact form makes it easier for a user to ask any questions that they may have about your business and the products or services that you sell. It makes it easier for the user rather than them having to open their email application as they can send the form directly through the website.

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