How to keep your brand consistent

29th Sep

A consistent brand can help to build interest in your business and to keep your business looking professional. Whereas, a brand which is not consistent can easily discourage customers from using your services/products due to a low level of perceived quality. Below are some tips on how to keep your brand consistent.

Image style

The images which you use in your website or in any print work should all be kept a consistent style. Whether this is in the colour palete, the framing of the photography or the way people/products are used in the imagery, it’s important to keep these consistent so they feel relative to your brand.


Keeping a similar layout across your pages can help your website feel consistent. It may be useful to create a template so that you will just need to replace information and images on your website. It is important that the navigation is consistent as well as customers may get confused and disorientated if it changes on different webpages.


Your logo should not change on different platforms – unless it is a refined version for particular sizes (e.g. a small icon vs a full logo). If you use a certain logo in print, you should ensure to use the same logo on your website. If you decide that you want to change your logo, you must ensure that you change it on everything. If you do change your logo, you may want to consider keeping certain aspects of it as your customers may already be accustomed to your logo and they may get confused if it changes.

Typography and colour

The typography and colour used in your branding should be consistent throughout. If you use a certain typography style on print, then you must ensure that you carry that font across online. The same applies to colour. You may also decide that the colour/s which appear on your logo could be your primary colours in your print work and online.

At Redback Creations, we ensure to keep all of our clients’ branding uniform, and we can help you keep your own branding consistent. Get in touch to see how we can help your business today.