How do I write a Terms and Conditions page?

16th Dec

Your Terms & Conditions agreement, also known as Terms of Use or Terms of Service, acts as a contract between you and your users.

Do I need a Terms and Conditions page?

While having a Terms & Conditions agreement it’s not legally required, it can make managing your website or app much easier. It also means that you can control liability, manage use of your website or service, protect your intellectual property, and enforce your rules of conduct.

What do I need to include?

At most basic, you will want to include any information that will:

  • prevents users from abusing your service (or other users of your service)
  • limit liability
  • establishes any ownership in your trademarks, content, copyrights, and other intellectual property

How do I write a Terms and Conditions page?

There are lots of helpful generators online such as this Terms & Conditions generator by TermsFeed.

You can also contact us directly and we can help provide you with basic templates.

It’s important to note, that we are not legal experts, and if you have any concerns it’s worthwhile contacting a legal body that can make sure your Terms and Conditions are correctly set out for your business needs.