Holley Optometrists

Jun 2020
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Optometrists Website Northern Ireland

To update the look at feel of the site to match the high-end optometry service provided by Holley’s in Coleraine.
Holley Optometrists
Jun 2020
Fashion, style, and the latest technology was some main points we wanted to communicate with Holley’s new website & logo.


By adapting their previous logo, we simplified the image, refined the colours, and made it more friendly for web and social media use. We also introduced a new font to bring more recognition to the brand, and it’s high-quality reputation.  


The client wanted to avoid over-clinical and surgical feeling tones to the site, so we stayed clear of harsh whites – especially in imagery, editing to increase warmth – and using calming blues in the brand. We also avoided use of over-stock style photography, promoting more ‘lifestyle’ images to fit with the feel of the brand. 
To add more depth to the premium feel of the site, we added in subtle background patterns, and use the unique new font to distinguish it’s look and feel to their competitors. 
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