Chique Sport

Mar 2021
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Sport Logo and Web Design

To create and develop a figure skating training gear brand that can become internationally recognised
Chique Sport
Mar 2021

Launched in 2017, Chique Sport is a premium Figure Skating Training Gear brand established by British national champion and figure skating coach, Jenna McCorkell.

Logo Design

The brief was to include the sporting aspects of ice skating with premium quality and Olympic level design of the training gear. After various rounds of design, we settled on the iconic logo which includes:

  • The letters ‘CS’ for Chique Sport
  • A symbolism similar to the Olympic rings
  • Despite the curves of marks left on an ice-rink

Website re-design (2021)

After a successful few years, and with the pandemic affecting the ability of Chique Sport to meet customs in person, we increased efforts on the website with a re-design and additional features added – including language translation, multiple checkout currencies, style guide, new filter, and online chat. The new design focused on the following keywords to bring across the focused and professional nature of the brand: Uncluttered, Clean and Poised. The design also boasts the strong use of photography, with a focus on both action and style type shots.


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